Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ravenna's Dream!


I am 6.5 years old.

I get to spend a week in December at an orphanage in Mexico.  You can watch a video about it by CLICKING HERE!

I am making paper airplanes for the kids there so we can throw a HUGE paper airplane party!

I am also collecting donations to help the orphanage with medical supplies and things to help the kids.

Will you sponsor me?

You can sponsor me for each paper airplane that I make.

My Mama and I are keeping count!

Or you can just make a donation and we will bring it with us to help with medical supplies.

My mom and I will try to update this website with pictures and stories of our trip as we go.

Thanks for helping the orphans in Mexico with me!

* You can sponsor me per plane by leaving a commment here
* You can make a donation with the Chip In on the right hand side. It is a safe way to make a donation (goes through PayPal). If you do leave me a comment with your address so I can send you a thank you note!

**** I am so excited! I have raised $101 already! (we are waiting for Chip In to show it)****
**** I am hoping to make at least 80 planes because there are about 80 kids at the orphanage, you can sponsor any amount per plane that you want!*****


  1. I love your heart! Keep shining bright for Jesus and give the children big hugs from our family.
    God bless you,

  2. Hi Ravenna! What a great idea! A paper airplane party sounds SO fun. How many do you think you will make? How much does it cost to sponsor you per airplane? I love your drawn picture at the top of this site. The colors are really pretty. You are a good artist. I am sure the kids will be so happy to meet you!

  3. so excited with you Ravenna and proud of you for your vision to help the orphans in Mexico and will help you however I can.

  4. Hello Ravenna! ~

    What a great idea!! So proud of you and your servant's heart for the little children in Mexico. I know they will love playing paper airplanes with you, too?

    I have the same questions as Kelly: How many do you think you will make, and how much to sponsor per airplane?

    Have fun on your trip!!
    ~ Tanya

  5. Hello Ravenna!

    I love your idea of bringing paper airplanes to the children in Mexico. I bet they will have so much fun with them! You did a great job drawing your dream of helping the orphans. What a loving heart you have. I can't wait to see photos of your trip!

    God bless you, sweetie!


  6. hi Ravenna,

    I think what you are doing is wonderful!! :)

    Please keep us updated on how many planes you have been making and I would love to see photos of what they look like if you have the time :)


  7. What a beautiful heart you have, Ravenna!
    Keep shining that light for Jesus :)

  8. A paper airplane party sounds like SO MUCH FUN!! I bet the kids you are visiting will think it's the coolest. Are you going to have some games? Maybe see whose plane can fly the farthest?

    You are one AWESOME little girl!!

  9. Ravenna, when do you leave on your trip? Uncle Brian and I would like to make a donation, but probably won't be able to do it until next month. Is there a cut off date?

    What a big heart you have! :)

  10. Great job Ravenna! I hope you have an awesome trip!

  11. Wow! What a wonderful idea, Ravenna! You will make so many children very happy by being there and sharing your wonderful paper airplanes. You are a beautiful young lady with a beautiful heart. You are also a talented artist (we love your drawing)! We hope that you will share stories and photos from your trip! Safe travels, sweet angel on earth!

  12. What a wonderful dream! I pray you have a wonderful time and all the kids enjoy their paper airplane party. I know I would!

  13. Dear Ravenna,
    What a beautiful heart for Jesus you have! I love seeing you because you are always smiling! I am very happy to participate personally in your effort to bless the children in the orphanage. I also would like, on behalf of your Children's Ministry Church family, to contribute the supplies you might need to make your paper airplanes. Please come visit me at church so we can get you all set up to bring joy to all those kids in Mexico you'll get to see! Love you ! Karola

  14. Dear Ravenna,
    We are so proud of you and your wonderful heart. We have never met you, but I knew your Mama when she was your age on Vashon Island, and no wonder you are such a precious little girl.
    Have fun helping the children in Mexico.
    Destia and Rod Hermes

  15. we very much want to be a part of what you are doing! can't wait!
    love you, shelly, brennan, and caleb!

  16. Dear Ravenna,

    I hope our little donation will help with medical supplies. I know that your paper airplanes will help with bringing some smiles!

    Nancy Williams
    (your mom's LWB virtual friend!)

  17. Dear Ravenna,
    We have never met, but I know about you and your paper airplane project through your mom's blog. Wow! You sure have made A LOT of paper airplanes, and they look SO wonderful!
    We have added a small contribution to the medical supply fund you are raising for the boys and girls in Mexico. Thank you for letting us be a part of your very special mission.

    Michelle Parker

  18. Hi Ravenna! I am going to put a note with some money for the supplies for your young friends in Baja in your hands tomorrow. bring it home to your mom! we love you and are so excited for your adventures for Jesus!
    love, cory, shelly, brennan, and caleb!