Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Almost ready to go!!!!!!!!

 We are getting packed up! I have all of my favorite books and stuffed animals lined up by my bed so my Mama does not forget to put them in the car. I saw cactus in the grocery store yesterday and cannot wait to see them for real soon!

The thing that I am most excited about is getting to play with the babies at the orphanage. I am so excited because I have raised enough money tosponsor a child waiting for a Mama and Daddy for a whole year! That is their clothes, food, medicine, school and housing!

I also have made enough airplanes for every child to have more than one, it is going to be so cool!

My other big hope is that you will pray for me and my family...just pray whatever you feel like praying for us!

I want to serve God by loving the kids.

Thank you again!

Merry Christmas from our family!!!!