Sunday, November 28, 2010

Paper Airplane Fun!!!!!

**** This blog has been completely made and written by Ravenna (Mama just helps with typing what I want to say)*********
 Hi! I just wanted to write an update. Our family is having paper airplane fun! We have now made 45 airplanes and raised $151! Parker is helping me out. He is 5 so a little bit little to fold the planes so he is drawing jetpacks on them.

   Our church let me go into the Sunday School supply room and use anything I wanted for my airplanes! We got tons of stickers and paper.

Georgia is helping stick stickers on too...

Thanks for helping me and the kids in Mexico!


  1. Well done Ravenna! You are doing an amazing job!!!! And how cool to be allowed to use the church supply closet. These airplanes are going to be super terrific and the kids are going to love them.

  2. 45 airplanes and $151? Wow, that's awesome!! :) but I just had a look on the right hand side and it says you've made 55 airplanes now!!! so that is 10 more! :) That means you have only 25 more airplanes to go before you reach 80. Great job! and I loved the pictures and it's a cool idea to put stickers on them! :)

    I can't wait for when you will give them to the orphanage children and they'll have fun. :)

    p.s. I love seeing Parker and Georgia help out too :)

  3. Wow! You are working so hard!!

    I would never have thought to decorate the planes with pictures and stickers, what a cool idea!!

  4. Ravenna, we just did our contribution! Can't wait to hear about your trip and see pictures of happy children when they receive your paper airplanes.

  5. So proud of you Ravenna, Parker, and Georgia for all your hard work to help out the Mexico children who will be so happy to recieve their airplanes hand made by you.

  6. Excellent job with the paper airplanes! Looks like fun. :)

  7. Ravenna - You are working so hard on this project! The kids at the orphanage are going to truly appreciate all of the time you are spending to help them : )

    Heather, Randal, Kelton & Camille

    P.S. We are mailing a check to contribute to your project this week!

  8. Ravenna-Woo Hooo!!! I can't believe you have made 134 airplanes and raised $441. You rock!!! God is going to do amazing things when you get to Mexico.