Monday, October 24, 2011

I'm helping make these kids feel beautiful!!!!!!

I am helping the orphans!
Please think about giving me a penny for every hair tie I make.
I want the kids at the orphanage to have food and Bibles
so they can grow and know God loves them!

You can find out about the orphanage Here

If you want to make a donation you can use the Chip In on the side (or email my Mama )


Monday, January 24, 2011

I Have a new project!!!!!!!

   I just read about a little girl who is donating her hair to help kids who lose theirs! I am so excited! Her story is here. I am going to do it too!!!!!
I would be so sad if I did not have any hair...

So starting today, I'm growing my hair out!

I am doing it through an organization called Locks of Love.

I told my mom that I want to grow it all the way to my toes so that I can help more than one child, but she said that it might be better to grow it out long two different times.

I'll keep you posted here as my hair gets longer!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Big Airplane Party!

We are home and my Mama has worked on the pictures from the paper airplane party!

Here are some of my friends that I made at the orphanage

I had so much fun with them.

We played all week long and hugged each other every time we saw each other.

They even brought me some of their candy on the day of the party!

I made over 160 airplanes!

Some of the big boys liked to try to make them go really fast.

There was enough for all of the kids to have lots

I handed out balloons and silly bands

It was so fun!

Some kids tried to through 2 at once!

The big kids were so nice at helping the little kids

Some planes went straight and some went twirly!

I also made almost $1000 dollars and get to help sponsor two kids!

This is Noemi and I love her so much!

I got to take care of her everyday. Now I pray for her and send her pictures I draw.

This is Ana Laura and she is in 1st grade just like me!

We get to write letters to each other and we pray for her everyday too!

I cannot wait to see them both again.

I already cannot wait for next time....

I am planning another airplane party for when we go back later this year,

and a birthday party for Jesus next December!!!!!

Serving God is so fun and I have so many friends in Mexico now!

If anyone wants to make airplanes to help orphans email my Mommy she knows how to get them and the money there!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Almost ready to go!!!!!!!!

 We are getting packed up! I have all of my favorite books and stuffed animals lined up by my bed so my Mama does not forget to put them in the car. I saw cactus in the grocery store yesterday and cannot wait to see them for real soon!

The thing that I am most excited about is getting to play with the babies at the orphanage. I am so excited because I have raised enough money tosponsor a child waiting for a Mama and Daddy for a whole year! That is their clothes, food, medicine, school and housing!

I also have made enough airplanes for every child to have more than one, it is going to be so cool!

My other big hope is that you will pray for me and my family...just pray whatever you feel like praying for us!

I want to serve God by loving the kids.

Thank you again!

Merry Christmas from our family!!!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Paper Airplane Fun!!!!!

**** This blog has been completely made and written by Ravenna (Mama just helps with typing what I want to say)*********
 Hi! I just wanted to write an update. Our family is having paper airplane fun! We have now made 45 airplanes and raised $151! Parker is helping me out. He is 5 so a little bit little to fold the planes so he is drawing jetpacks on them.

   Our church let me go into the Sunday School supply room and use anything I wanted for my airplanes! We got tons of stickers and paper.

Georgia is helping stick stickers on too...

Thanks for helping me and the kids in Mexico!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ravenna's Dream!


I am 6.5 years old.

I get to spend a week in December at an orphanage in Mexico.  You can watch a video about it by CLICKING HERE!

I am making paper airplanes for the kids there so we can throw a HUGE paper airplane party!

I am also collecting donations to help the orphanage with medical supplies and things to help the kids.

Will you sponsor me?

You can sponsor me for each paper airplane that I make.

My Mama and I are keeping count!

Or you can just make a donation and we will bring it with us to help with medical supplies.

My mom and I will try to update this website with pictures and stories of our trip as we go.

Thanks for helping the orphans in Mexico with me!

* You can sponsor me per plane by leaving a commment here
* You can make a donation with the Chip In on the right hand side. It is a safe way to make a donation (goes through PayPal). If you do leave me a comment with your address so I can send you a thank you note!

**** I am so excited! I have raised $101 already! (we are waiting for Chip In to show it)****
**** I am hoping to make at least 80 planes because there are about 80 kids at the orphanage, you can sponsor any amount per plane that you want!*****